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How to write a blog

A guide to writing blogs

Blogs can help draw attention to your social media channels, boosting your SEO and giving traction to your website to be seen. There are several things to consider…

The main thing is to have a ‘call to action’ or ‘reason’ for the blog. Ask yourself, what are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to encourage readers to book a service or to educate them? Think about your call to action. A popular blog can bring you new clients or provide a way to building up a service within your salon.

‘A few years ago, a blog I had published on how moving a hair parting can take years off your hairstyle age was picked up by many industry accounts and published locally, drawing a new client base to the salon’ Said Gary Ashcroft, Salon Blogger at Creations Hair Salon.

Tip 1.

Write what you love, but also write it as you think it, keep it simple and friendly. Nobody wants to read a thesaurus! What is being discussed in the salon at the moment… and that’s your subject, it doesn’t have to be all hair related.

Tip 2.

Keep it short and around 300 words, don’t let it read like ‘terms and conditions’ or both you and the readers will be nodding off.

Tip 3.

Check your competitors, see what they are talking about and what gets them traction and feedback

Tip 4.

Most importantly remember no jargon! Don’t write like a hairdresser, write like a novice or you will loose your readers instantly.

Tip 5.

Add a few links to your blogs, that help boost other companies, for example if you are talking about Milk_Shake Hair Products… link Milk_Shake Hair Products

Get you and your salon noticed and get blogging! And enjoy it.

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