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Videoing for social media

Are you using video for your socials?

Is video a core part of your social media strategy? If it’s not, it should!

This week I’ve been working to produce better videos for Kin Connect, so I thought I would share with you top 5 tips to help ‘know, like, trust and transact’ with you:

1) Videos are a great way to share the personality of your brand and build a relationship with potential customers

2) If you create video case studies, you can explain what working with you is like and the value you added

3) Videos are great in follow up’s to offer additional products and services to clients, add these to your social strategy.

4) Videos can help you position yourself as an Authority or Expert. If you use them to share tips and advice on a regular basis. For example, how to create a perfect curl in your hair, or how to dry your hair with less frizz.

5) Sharing behind the scenes stories and “how” you deliver value and solve problems for customers, find out your customers main issues with their hair, and create a blog and a video to this problem.

When people spend time with you or your business, digitally or physically it accelerates customer trust and helps create a strong brand.

Most importantly, once you have created a bank of videos, you can use these time and time again!