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Instagram Masterclass

Become An Instagram Master!

Do you ever look at other Instagram accounts and think… I wish our images could look like that! I can only equate it to how they get food to look so amazing on adverts, and when I take a photo of my dinner… it looks nothing like it!

This is why when Jade Slade, a very well respected and talented stylist approached us to run a number of courses, throughout 2022, we were delighted! Jade’s career has spanned from stylist, to educator, running a number of courses and being trained by 365 Hairdressing. A brilliant teacher and very inspirational stylist.

Our first course coming up on the 24th January with Jade, is – Instagram Masterclass. Whilst putting this course together, I asked Jade what the top 5 tips would be to anyone trying to get that perfect Insta look… this was her tips.

Top 5 picture taking tips

  1. Have the right lighting – no shadows, get a ring light to show off your colour
  2. Get the right hair pose to showcase your work
  3. Don’t over spray your look, better to look matte not shiny, but do spray any loose hairs
  4. Think about your background, simple is better, not too busy
  5. Your client’s top colour can affect your picture it will pick up and pull-out colours that aren’t as apparent.

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