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Amazon Hair Salon

Did Amazon open a hair salon?

It’s time to Step up! – Amazon’s first salon opens in London.

Back in April 21 Amazon opened its first high-tech hair salon in London, all be it relatively unnoticed due to covid.

With the tag line ‘Come and experience the latest salon technology and treatments’ it instantly gained a huge following with the tech savvy among us all.  With Salon mirrors that enable you to see yourself with ANY colour choice AND colour service customers have taken to social media to rave about the experience.  Is it now time for us all to get a little tech minded?

One of the main areas of the salons promotions is the use of ‘Hot Scissors’ which are used to turn your cut into a wellness treatment using scissors with warmed blades which seal the ends of the hair to give you healthier hair!

With a Cut and Blow-dry for £53 (short hair £36) this is a salon using technology to improve the experience for clients, but of course computerised mirrors enable an abundance of social media shares which is the real genius behind Amazons first hair salon.

When looking at the salon’s reviews, mostly 5 star, the only negative seems to be missing a personal touch. In general people love the use or QR codes to find out about and purchase products-to be delivered straight to them next day, the technology to see yourself with a colour you have never dared to try and most impressive seems to be the team’s ability to build very strong relationships with its clients.

All stations at the salon have a kindle for reading, wireless phone charger and of course amazon Echo speakers placed around for music.

For just £25 the salon offers a hair steam wash.  Starting with a dry head massage using peppermint oil to calm and soothe the scalp. A steam pod then goes on your head heating up to open the hair-shaft and let the products in.  It then cools down to seal the cuticles leaving your hair seriously shiny, a rarity for many!

Amazon have declined to comment on plans for further salons but with the opening of amazon supermarkets I’m sure it’s only a matter of time!