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How can I grow my salon business?

I am sure you would agree, being a salon owner can be overwhelming. Have you ever sat and written down all the jobs you must do, and the different hats you have to wear? From being a stylist and giving the best service possible. Trying to create the best team around you and dealing with internal team issues that arise. Looking at ways to attract the right clients for your business and retaining them, and to top all that off, trying to understand salon finances, cashflow, and look at ways of cutting salon costs.

So, my question to you… where are you now? And where do you want to be in business? To be able to have a clear sense of where you are going is the first thing to do, then create a business plan of all the activities you need to do to get there… and finally priorities these.

Are you ready to look to the future and grow your salon business! Here are 5 top salon principles to think about and work on:

  1. Grow your salon clientele
  2. Encourage your clients to visit more regularly
  3. Upsell other services and products on each visit
  4. Reduce your salon costs
  5. Think of additional income streams to your business
  • Grow your salon clientele

In the past we have done so many offers and discounts for clients, but with the rising cost of business, we try our hardest to avoid discounting. The most effective way we have found over the last year, is making sure your google my business account is top notch! And encouraging client reviews. 8 out of 10 new client bookings we have recently surveyed, have said they found us on google and read our reviews – Creations Hair Salon in Chichester. To check out a google my business page as a good example click HERE

  • Encourage your clients to visit more regularly

At Creations Hair Salon in Chichester, we have recently conducted a client focus group, which by far has been the most powerful way of late to get feedback. Clients want loyalty schemes! Reward your clients in different ways to get them back to the salon sooner… think of an added value item, such as every 6 cuts get a hair care product, rather than discounting your actual services.

  • Upsell other services and products on each visit

Have you done a review on the services you offer? What are your competitors offering, and what’s on trend right now? Coach your stylists to ‘power book’ and upsell services such as treatments and haircare in increase your average bill

  • Reduce your salon costs

Look at everything you spend, if you are doing your cashflow forecast you will already have this on an excel spreadsheet. One of our Kin Connect members, Natalie from Beautifully Gorgeous in Poole has recently challenged herself to contact every company and try and reduce each cost by 15%. What a difference this has made to her business!

  • Think of additional income streams to your business

Would you like to bring in an expert consultant in a specific area such as hair loss? Or wigs? Or do you have an area of the salon you can rent out? Try and think outside of the box with this, but ensure you have a letter of terms in place and check with your accountant you are complying with any financial aspect such as tax or VAT

If you would like any help or support in any of the subjects mentioned above, why not BOOK a discovery call with our Kin Connect team