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How do I improve my Google ranking?

Are you stuck with how to attract new clients to your salon? and are you desperate for new clients to walk through the door?

You’re certainly not alone! In recent years Facebook and local advertising have really helped to gain new clients – But this is no longer the case!

Most people are tech savvy these days, as I write this blog I’m sat opposite my parents (64 and 67 years old) BOTH on their Ipads.  We are all so much more advanced in the use of technology nowadays, this is certainly proof.

5 years ago my parents would never have googled where they fancied going for lunch or which garden centre has the best reviews, yet now it’s all they do! So many use google before any other method to find a new salon so it’s vital your business ranks high in Google when it comes to searches in your area.

How to boost your Google presence.

  1. Add pictures and videos

If you think you’re getting out-Googled by your competition, there’s no simpler way to make your Google listings more eye-catching than to add great visual content.

Hair salons with photos added to their google my business account get 42% more direction requests from consumers who are ready to come and do business with you. But if you haven’t added any photos yourself, your listing will simply be blank or in the worst case, photos added by customers, which may not give your google presence the best look.

Also, don’t forget about video! Google allows you to post videos up to 30 seconds in length, there is a cost to this but can make all the difference to stand out.

  • Film a customer testimonial
  • Give a brief tour of your salon
  • Highlight a star employee
  • Give a sneak peek in ‘a day in the life of a stylist’.
  1. Respond to customer reviews

With over 90% of people looking at reviews before they book or enquire reviews are VITAL, Of course, getting more reviews (and high-quality ones, in particular) is a longer-term strategy, but you can start making improvements today. Always respond to reviews, and always ask your clients if they wouldn’t mind reviewing you.

So, how should you respond to these questions and comments? Try to be as engaging and helpful as possible, and always keep your cool. For example, if a customer leaves a negative review about a recent experience, let them know that their satisfaction is important to you and invite them to send you an email so you can make things right (don’t forget to include your email address!).

  1. Post updates to Google

Many people don’t know about this yet, but your business profile on Google now features the ability to share posts with your audience. These are just like small updates you may already be posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but now you can publish them directly to your Google business listing, as well.

For more information on how to increase your google presence or if you would like to book a 20 minute Business Discovery call. Email us HERE