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How do you get your salon business digital?

So, what is marketing? It is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. In our salon business there are so many things to promote, we have a whole host of services to let our clients know about, retail products to recommend, and not to forget our stylists who need a constant injection of new clients… even if they are well utilised!

We lose on average 10-15% of clients, some move, some die, it can be a change in circumstance that they choose not to use our salon, or it can be they get bored and need a change. So we need a constant regular injection of new clients… and how do we get these?

Third party recommendations

I would say this is the most powerful way of getting new clients, the chat down the pub about Sandra’s new hair do, and how wonderful her stylists is, will build your columns, without having to spend anything on advertising. Don’t forget this also comes in the form of reviews, on Facebook and google.

Social Media

Through the powers of Facebook and Instagram, when it is done correctly, your reach to new clients can be off the chart! Knowing how to directly target, through hashtags and paid advertising, can generate you new business. Remember when you are posting, use good quality photos of your work, and show the world what you are about, whether that is supporting your local community or engaging with local charities

Know your brand

What does your website tell the world? Is it a consistent message throughout your social media too? Does your customer service live up to your brand message? And it is clear and concise? If I say… I’m Lovin’ It… well the first thing that comes to mind is McDonalds! And when you go into any McDonalds throughout the world, you will know exactly what you are getting! This is consistent customer service and a strong brand.

If you want to know more about how to create a strong brand, and market your salon in the best way possible, join us on our latest course, Held at Wonderful Life on the 25th October, Increase Client Number Through Marketing and Get Social Savvy to book EMAIL our team