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How do you plan your social media?

Social media can take over our lives, with the main platforms for our industry being Facebook and Instagram, new ones like Clubhouse, and don’t forget Google My Business, one I believe gets overlooked more than any of them, and this one can be so powerful for your business!

As Salon Owners we have this ever growing to do list, and often social media gets pushed to the bottom, whereas this is our new ‘window’ to our business, certainly in the current Pandemic, we don’t get the footfall on the high street as we used to, and everyone heads to the internet to research where they will spend their money next, a salon, a restaurant, a hotel break, and so on.

If we plan our social posts, this means we aren’t doing the whole ‘scattergun’ approach, I hear so often, ‘as long as I chuck something every now and then on social, then that’s good enough’ Or is it?

There are an average of 112 waking hours per week, do you think you could spare one of those hours, every week to focus on your social posts?

Here’s a challenge for you…

Firstly get a piece of paper and jot down what your focus is… you only need 7 to cover all days of the week.

For example:

  • Top hair tip
  • Testimonial
  • Product
  • Salon/Stylist focus
  • Hair images
  • Online
  • Service

Then, either on a spreadsheet, word document, or a good old pad of paper, plot these on a calendar. Have one focus a week, for example BLONDE HAIR then work your focusses around that subject… it’s as simple as that!

For example:

  • Top hair tip – How to make blonde hair shine
  • Testimonial – ‘Thank you so much for my balayage, you are the best’
  • Product – milk_shake Silver Shine Whipped Cream
  • Salon/Stylist focus – A highlight offer or your highlighting expert stylist
  • Hair images – Before and after images of your work
  • Online – Pick the section of your website that talks about colour
  • Service – New technique or what blonde service you want to sell

You can design your posts in Canva, and schedule your posts through business suite, sit back and watch them go!

If you would like more information on the social media marketing courses we run click HERE or email us for a more bespoke training session for you and your team.