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How to create the best video content for your salon

There has been a huge shift in the use of video creating over the last 10 years. This is due to the power of social media and how this has opened up the realms of everyone having access to professionally creating the perfect video content.

Our human brains process visual aid much faster than written text, so when you are creating your social media content, try to use as much video content as possible. Not only do platforms such as facebook and Instagram LOVE you using this form of media, and will push it out to a wider audience, it will engage your audience for longer.

3 reasons why your salon needs video content

Build Trust

Video’s humanise your business, and gives your brand name a face. A quick 30 second video will give your audience a snap shot into your culture and services you offer.

Organic Reach

When you use video on Facebook, Instagram and your website, the algorithms will allow you to reach a wider audience. A few digestible snippets is all it needs. A super app we can highly recommend to help you edit your videos is InShot


A video on your website or social media if you are looking for that next Stylist, or looking to grow your future team of Assistants would be perfect! If you showcase your team, and if you can get one of your team members to give a little interview, this will attract the right employees for your business.

So what do you need to get going?

A smart phone, a tripod to give you stability, you don’t want a wobbly video! And a ring light to give you enhance light when you create your masterpiece.

If you need any help or tips on creating the perfect video, contact us!