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More time… Less stress!

Isn’t this all what we strive for? Flip that quote on its head less time, more stress is certainly more of the norm in my world. So how do we control this? As salon owners we spin so many plates from being a hairdresser and often the one that brings in the most money, to motivating our team, marketing our business, developing our websites, controlling salon finances. The list goes on and on! Oh and don’t forget all the added pressures that the current pandemic has brought over the last 15 months.

A wise old owl once told me, the above average person focuses more on the solution to the problem, than the event or the problem itself. So, if time management is your problem, then I think I may have the solution for you! Read on for 3 key tips in time management.

Tip #1

Find a system that works for you

If you are more of a pen and paper person, there are so many tools out there, planners, schedulers and diaries that will really help you plan your week.

If you prefer everything being in one place and more accessible I would highly recommend an app called Microsoft To Do. Within this app you can create lists, share lists with team members, add files and notes to each task, and more importantly you can have it on your phone your laptop and anywhere else you need to!

Tip #2

Follow the 4D’S

  • DO IT

If it’s urgent DO IT if you can DELEGATE IT to someone else within the team. if it’s not urgent and can wait, DO IT LATER and if it’s been sat on your to do List forever, get rid of it and don’t do it at all

Tip #3

If you have a list that’s too long, it’s just not working.

Choose your battles, if your list is way too long, break it out into sections and think to yourself what’s urgent, what’s important, and what can wait.

For more help on time management and tools to help you grow your salon business, contact the team at Kin Connect – Advancing Salon Business