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The Business Balancing Act

One of the main challenges we face as salon owners is the balancing act between being a busy stylist, as well as being a business owner with all the demands that puts on your time, including being a marketing expert, a finance director and team leader! How on earth do you spin all those plates!

How do you find the balance between doing what you love doing whilst focussing your energy on growing the business? It’s all to do with time management and good planning… and most importantly, delegation. Do you have the right team around you to help support you and your business?

Let’s try not to fire fight on a day-to-day basis, rather than give ourselves realistic time targets for certain tasks, and give a good structure and systems for our salons to run seamlessly whilst we are not there.

But knowing exactly what to focus on can be a challenge. Taking time out to work on your business is vital to success.

Split your thoughts into 3

  • Team
  • Marketing
  • Finance

What challenges do you have for each subject? Are you struggling with pricing? Are you faced with the challenge of team growth and culture? Or is there simply not enough money in the pot?

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