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Covid for business

The positive things Covid has brought for your Business!

What a turbulent 2 years we have all had, but, let’s take a look at the positive spin from Covid… and the good change that will come of the lockdowns and social distancing.

January is a time for planning, taking time to look at your needs and the future if your business and stylists.  Above all this and something I feel a number of business owners didn’t do during recent years is the very simple step of keeping your CUSTOMERS INFORMED.

Your Guests have invested in you, your business, your staff and feel part of your brand! Therefore the most critical aspect of ever changing guidelines is to keep your Guests involved.

Chatting to one of our Kin Connect Customers, Louise Fordham from Bespoke, she said…

“It was vital during lockdowns we contacted clients who didn’t use social media to keep that connection and so our valuable clients didn’t feel abandoned over the last two years”

Another positive is we have all hit fast forward when it comes to social media and tools such as Zoom.  At Creations in Chichester consultations can be requested ‘in person’ or via a zoom/facetime call.  This is a big leap for businesses and a great way to get new clients and re connect with existing ones.  It’s free and has, for now, become a huge part of how we communicate.

Turning to 2022 it gives us a chance to reset and look at new innovative ways to work next year. We simply can’t stay the same and expect our results to improve.  Whether your business is looking to charge in a different way or increase productivity with staff now is the time to sow the seeds and plan a record breaking 2022, even though the start of the year may be rocky.

We have many courses set for 2022, along with 121 coaching which quite simply is a must to reset your mind and develop your focus ready to deliver a killer year to your team.

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