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Top 5 Tips

Feeling exhausted as a salon owner? We all spin so many plates, with staffing issues, finances, social media, and so much more! Well do not fear my fellow salon owners, here are some of the latest top tips from Carolyn Sweeney at Kin Connect to help you through.


We need to build strong relationships with our team, through team meetings, one to ones and zoom meetings. Celebrate their successes and helping our team to understand what is expected of them.



We all seek people to help motivate us, let your team know your business vision and what direction your business is going. Do the team have career paths? Find out what makes your team tick, and what motivates them as individuals. Support them to get what they want out of life.


Develop Your Raving Fans

Building a strong clientele is the key to salon growth. Keep detailed records to gain knowledge of your clients, be an expert in what you do, create the best consultation experience to give your clients. Make their salon experience amazing so they recommend you to their friends and families time and time again.


What is our brand?

What do we look like to the outside world? and is this the message you want to deliver? Our brand and team message needs to be strong to stand out from our competitors. What does our salon look like, how presentable are your team? Are they a good advert for your salon? And think about how you interact with your local community.


Cash is King!

We don’t need to be an expert in figures or have an accountancy degree, but we do need to have a cashflow forecast so we can better understand what money we can invest for the future. This doesn’t have to be complicated, but if we don’t know how much money we have around us, we don’t have a future business.



If any of these questions and tips resonate with you, book your complimentary 20 minute discovery call in with Carolyn at Kin Connect HERE