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“Our family is like the branches of a tree. We may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.
Each of us will always be a part of the other”.


KinConnect is a specialist family reunion planning service. Our team is passionate about helping families reconnect and connecting family members who have never met.

Our passion stems from the growing number of families who are not spending sufficient quality time together developing close bonds. Whilst we have been busy prioritising our jobs and careers, we have often neglected to stay in touch with each other the way we used to.

The younger generation is paying the price, missing out on the opportunity to benefit from the experience, support and resources that a Grandparent, Uncle or Auntie could be providing.

If you are tired of only seeing your relatives as names on a card, old photos, or at funerals… let KinConnect plan and organise a family reunion to bring the living members of your family tree together.

KinConnect will help you to develop and build your family tree, by creating a private family website, where you can receive birthday notifications and acknowledge family achievements like graduations, new additions and milestone occasions. Your family will also be able to exchange photos, videos and mementos.

Whether you’re stretched for time, or you have no idea where to start in order to arrange a reunion, KinConnect are here to make your event a special one, from an informal family BBQ to a prestigious family banquet, and everything in between, our professional expertise will ensure that your event is a stress-free affair which concentrates on strengthening your family’s bond.

After all, the family that plays together, stays together!