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Be a part of Kin Connect, a club where sharing knowledge is key to the success of salon life. A business club providing business coaching for hair salons, salon owners and their teams. Advancing your salon business by mentoring and supporting the independent salon owner to create the best salon culture, slick systems and ultimately earn a better living. We deliver real life business content to salon owners, salon managers, stylists, therapists and assistants, in the form of 8 connect programme per year, specific networking events, and workshops. On top of this, you also get an abundance of online learning, your very own business tool kit, exclusive product sales and so much more! Leading pioneers of salon education, Kin Connect is a subscription based membership. Get Involved, be part of it!

Meet Our Team

Carolyn Sweeney

Honest solutions to growing your business, and a genuine need to help other business owners. 

Carolyn Sweeney has been in the salon industry for over 30 years, working her way up as manager, then salon owner looking after a team of over 50, and all the challenges that brings, and how, in the times we are in, to plan your future business accordingly.

Giving support and recognition, Carolyn offers affordable education, and loves seeing smaller businesses take on bigger challenges to grow. Carolyn says, ‘Adding value to a business is the most important thing to me’

Emma Shepherd

Systems and processes are essential to any business success, and this is certainly where Emma fits into Kin Connect.

Having met Carolyn back in 1995, Emma has spent most of her working career in the hairdressing industry as a business development manager for London based Salons and spent 6 years in Sales and Marketing for L’Oreal.

‘Putting the pieces of the jigsaw together is the best part… looking at a challenge and finding all probable solutions, then putting plans into place to achieve the goal, this is certainly my favourite part!’

Zaine Brookes
Zaine has been in the hair industry since training as a stylist in 1997. He started Wonderful Life in 2013 with the ambition of bringing a modern, practical approach to supporting salons through exclusive brands and education. With a thirst for knowledge and a personal ambition to help others succeed, Zaine loves adding value to other peoples business, through continual growth and development. Zaines says ‘You have to make it happen for yourself, don’t be afraid of new challenges, and I just love getting a buzz out of setting new challenges for myself, my business and other businesses I work with’
Jack Worrall
A keen eye for opportunities that give salons the edge, seeking out inspiring courses and profitable new services from all parts of the industry. Starting his career in 2005 and working with all types of salons in London and the South East of England, Jack brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. His team would say he is a motivator that exceeds expectations. Jack uses a logical thought process to understand the salons needs, provide sensible solutions and most of all to ‘keep it simple’ and always do what’s right for the business.

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