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Develop Your Dream Team

8 Connect Programme
Are you thinking of your team’s future and how it will impact your business positive way? Give them structure and security as possible this is the key to salon growth.

Charge What You Are Worth and Reap the Rewards

8 Connect Programme
Do your team know how they get paid? In this course you will gain insight to develop an inspiring wage structure and to create financial security.

Financial Management and Cashflow

8 Connect Programme
In this course you will develop a cashflow, learn budgeting and plan your financial future to ensure you are making informed business decisions.

Increase your client numbers through marketing

8 Connect Programme
Marketing is the key to any business, learn how to maximise your sales and marketing opportunities, get your business digital savvy.

Develop Loyal Clients and Retail with Confidence

8 Connect Programme
look at ways to grow your retail business to increase turnover and gain loyalty from your clients. It’s all about the consultative recommendation

Facebook & Instagram Social Media for Business

Online, Workshop
A proven social media sales strategy that helps you grow your audience with your ideal client, engage them with compelling content to build trust

Managing Your Finances

8 Connect Programme
Learn how to track the performance of your stylists for financial development and how to promote your stylists, to financially grow your salon.

Get Social Savvy

8 Connect Programme
Learn how to build a successful social media campaign, identify your ideal target personas, and create a social media strategy that returns you leads.

Stand Out From The Crowd

8 Connect Programme
How do we set ourselves apart from the competition? learn how to differentiate yourself and give your team the tools to go beyond expectations.

Lets Connect

Join us on this annual meeting, where you will be inspired through a series of short talks, an insight into the future of our industry and networking

Business Bitesize – Realistic Recruitment

Business Bite Size, Online
In this programme of bitesize online education courses, you will come away with the focus and understanding of each subject.