Salon Business Foundation courses and Workshops are designed for salon owners, salon managers and their teams. Whether you are just starting out, or wanting to take a backseat in your business, we help you understand where you are right now and where you want to be.

From team development, marketing planning and salon financial systems, we have every aspect of salon coaching covered.


Setting Your New Stylist Up For Success

Business Bitesize
Welcome to this 1-hour Zoom course designed to help you transform a recently qualified stylist from a beginner to an overachiever.

Be The Expert – With Curly Hair

Learn to identify the 4 curly hair types and become an expert of curly hair. Develop your expertise in curly hair care for an exceptional salon service.

First Class Front Desk

Get the most out your team by empowering them to take responsibility for the day to day workings of the salon. Remember, a front of house role is not just about answering the phone!

Mastering Motivational 121’s

Business Bitesize
Empower your team and master motivational 121’s meetings for Salon Success

Salon Connect

Evolution Events
SalonIQ and Kin Connect hosting a full day interactive workshops to give you an abundance of motivation to take back to your salons.

People Planning

The HR part of running a business can be a tricky one! It all starts with developing a recruitment process that’s long lasting, once you have found the right team, then how do you keep them motivated?

Create Your Vision

Have you through about what you want to achieve for yourself, your salon and how you can steer a successful ship and develop your salon culture over time?

Pricing For Profits

Business Bitesize
Pricing a service is trickier than pricing a product. Getting it right means valuing your time and expertise.

Klub Connect

Members courses
A safe space where our members get together online to share successes and get support with any challenges they are facing in the salon.

Stylist Evolution Event

Evolution Events
Spend a day with the Kin Connect team, a fun packed workshop full of motivation and inspiration to grow and develop you as a super stylist.

Develop Your Salon Business Manual

Creating a blueprint for your salon, developing systems and procedures for everyone to refer to.

Supercharge Your Socials with Gemma Amura

Understand how to create the best content to stand out, and how to reach your potential clients and inspire your existing ones!

Salon Business Financial Focus

8 Connect Programme
Understanding your salon numbers to support resilience and salon business growth.

Stylist Financial Focus

8 Connect Programme
When and how to manage internal pay and promotions to improve stylists and salon income.

Grow Your Salon Online

8 Connect Programme
Harnessing the power of digital media, make the most of your website, google and social media channels to increase your authority online.

Marketing A Successful Salon Brand

8 Connect Programme
Consistently retaining clients’ is the key to salon success, we all need new clients to grow, creating & on and offline marketing plan.

Give Your Clients What They Need

8 Connect Programme
How to design and deliver excellent customer service and retain your valued clients.

Attract and Grow Your Ideal Client

8 Connect Programme
Why should a client choose you? Who are your ideal clients and how to get them through the salon door.

Pay, Price and Promote for Growth

8 Connect Programme
Designing your salon pricing, and structuring your team pay for retention and business growth

Grow and Develop Your Team

8 Connect Programme
Creating inspirational team meetings, one to ones and setting targets and goals. How to successfully recruit and grow for the future.

Salon Evolution Event

Evolution Events
Let’s come together to know where the future of our industry is heading, and how to raise the standards.
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