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How to be a good salon receptionist

Does your salon receptionist ‘meet and greet’ or do they take on the sales and marketing function of the salon? With the ever increasing costs of running a salon we need to ensure we are utilising our team as much as possible.

One area of focus for us at Kin Connect is the front of house functions.

Never overlook the difference a motivated and utilised reception team. This will make a huge difference to your business and the growth of your stylists.  Most salons have a commission structure for its stylists but how many do for the key component – Reception.

A top-notch reception team will

  • Help attract and gain new clients
  • Improve client loyalty and relationships
  • Increase average spend
  • Boost retail sales
  • Boost and control the atmosphere of the salons and team

Hair salons are intimidating and can be scary places to walk into. So its key to see a reassuring face on arrival and put everyone at ease as soon as they walk in.

The best analogy of this is, when you take your car to be fixed.  Often you are ignored until THEY are ready, then talked down too and made to feel uncomfortable.  I have only once been made to feel welcome and treated like a ‘customer’ when having a tyre changed and it blew my mind to feel comfortable, this has created customer loyalty and I would never go anywhere else.

Encourage your front of house to build relationships with clients, use first names, ask customers how they are, compliment them and turn them into ‘raving fans’

One final point I must make is to NEVER EVER talk about clients in front of other clients.  This happens a lot in our industry. For example: “My lady is late, she won’t be getting a full service at this rate’

As a client hearing others discussed about will undo all the hard work the receptionist and stylist have put in.  That client is left feeling they are discussed in a similar way and creates a ‘them and us’ atmosphere.

Being a receptionist IS the ultimate performance. Remaining calm under pressure, friendly, supporting the team, anticipating problems in the day.

Celebrate your reservations team, hold them close and see the difference it makes to your salon.

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