Salon Evolution Event

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Salon Evolution Event

When is this course running?
This event will be scheduled soon. Please register your interest using the form below.
Who is this course right for?
  • Salon Owners, Managers... and all of your team!
What is the cost to attend this course?
£125 Per Person. Discount for Bookings of 6 or more, please get in touch
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Strive to achieve • Embrace the change • Earn a better living

We are very excited to announce the bookings are now live for Salon Evolution 2024.

Join us for a day of inspirational speakers to motivate you and your teams.

Let’s come together to know where the future of our industry is heading, and how to raise the standards.

Get inspired • Be motivated • Know your worth

Our line up of speakers for 2024 are as follows:

Carolyn Sweeney - Kin Connect:

Honest solutions to growing your business, and a genuine need to help other business owners.

Carolyn Sweeney has been in the salon industry for over 30 years, working her way up as manager, then salon owner looking after a team of over 50, and all the challenges that brings, and how, in the times we are in, to plan your future business accordingly.

Simon Tickler - Salon Industry Expert and Economist:

Simon has been part of the hair and beauty industry since his teens, With a degree in economics and a lifetime of industry knowledge.

At Salon Evolution, Simon will be sharing how he sees the changing future of our industry, market insights and what we can expect moving forward.

Lorenzo Colangelo - Owner of the Award Winning Salon - The Gallery Hairdressing:

Lorenzo has been the owner of multiple award winning The Gallery hairdressing Salon in Royal Tunbridge wells for nearly 30 years.

In this time he has grown his salon from a single chair to a team of 25 and achieving a turnover in excess of £1M.

This achievement has been recognised by multiple awards from both inside and outside the industry - most significantly being The British Hairdressing Business Awards salon of the year for 3 years running.

A hairdresser at heart he thrives on new ideas to make his business stand out. Team is his passion and motivation and firmly believes that this is what makes the biggest difference and his business succeed and stand out.

He will share the experiences of his journey and how the success and failures along the way have enabled him to help drive individual and collaborative success.

Jenny Radcliffe - The People Hacker

The Beautiful Game - Why Hacking the Humans is important in the hairdressing Industry

Jenny Radcliffe is an ethical "people hacker" who has spent a lifetime protecting clients through simulated heists, cons and scams on a global basis.  She is a regular on TV and is one of the most recognised faces in the security industry, but what many people don't know is that she also spent time as the owner of an independent hair and beauty salon!

In this talk Jenny will take us through her journey as a "burglar for hire" and expert con-artist and discuss her whirlwind career in security and how it relates to us all both as individuals and in business.  A fast-paced, anecdote ridden ride she will discuss some of her most notorious exploits, from robbing banks and protecting clients, to rooftop chases and near misses with security guards and criminals alike, she will also talk frankly about her experiences as a salon owner, entrepreneur and leader in an industry were women are in the minority.

Prepare to be amused, shocked and educated in this not-to-be-missed keynote from the "people hacker" herself!

She was a “HQ Hunter” in the TV show “HUNTED” for Channel 4, were she performed various OSINT and undercover roles and was seconded to the special operations unit of the show.

Jenny is also the host of the award winning podcast “The Human Factor” interviewing industry leaders, bloggers, experts and fellow social engineers and con-artists about all elements of security.

Gemma Amura - It’s Science - Owner and Technical Expert:

At 21 years old, Gemma was one of the youngest finalists in the British hairdressing Business Awards. Gemma was then a finalist at L'Oreal's prestigious Talent Spotting and assisted Industry legends around Europe learning everything she could in the world of hairdressing.

"I travelled more countries than I knew possible, taught in seminars from Rome to Las Vegas, I love teaching everyone my passion for colour. I love spreading the glitter as far and wide as possible, it's about how you leave people feeling. That's when the wizard nickname was born!"

Gemma opened salon its science 4 years ago and hitting BBC news headlines, the mirrorless salon was born. Their colour ratio stands at 92% and their non gossip, no CV approach to recruiting has changed the way they work.

Gemma has a very unique salon in the heart of Swansea, and can’t wait to share how her salon really stands out from the crowd!

Chris Connors - The CoCo's Foundation:

After leaving school, I entered into the world of hairdressing and opened my first salon at the age of 20 and formulated all of my ideas, with a small group of people, to work in a way that would help others to achieve their goals and ambition by creating a learning environment. I owned three successful Salons and an Academy School in West Sussex pre-pandemic. Which is now two post-pandemic.

I now have the privilege of work with young adults throughout the UK and internationally, through the creative world of Hairdressing and the charity the CoCo’s Foundation.

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Want to see what we got up to last time, check out the video below!

Can't make the date? Then register your interest here and we will get back to you if another date becomes available.

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